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Driving the wheels of change

Driving the wheels of change

‘Women with Wheels’ initiative by Azad Foundation and Sakha Consulting Wings has trained around 2,000 women of whom around 1,000 are working as profes [...]
Margin to mainstream

Margin to mainstream

Swayam Shikshan Prayog repositions women to take on new roles as decision-makers in agriculture, enterprise and embrace community leadership, thereby [...]
Taaro Ki Toli fighting for rights

Taaro Ki Toli fighting for rights

Breakthrough has been inspiring people to fight for the rights of women and girls by catalysing leadership in communities to change deep-rooted cultur [...]
Turning age-friendly

Turning age-friendly

Elder abuse is associated with devastating individual consequences and societal costs, meriting attention as a serious public health issue. [...]
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