Connect for a cause on ShareOn

Connect for a cause on ShareOn

ShareOn assists CSOs in becoming self-dependent and Donors in creating greater social impact

Published on April 14, 2021 at 1:45 pm

Updated on July 29, 2021 at 02:43 am

Covid-19 pandemic will remain a watershed moment in history, just like WWII. We will have to adapt ourselves to the post-Corona world. We will have to be ready for the opportunities and challenges arising out of it,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at the India-Italy Virtual Summit recently. There is no denying of the statement, the severe economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has sharply increased income inequality in India and women, poor, elderly, disabled and migrant population were the worst affected.

Interestingly, in these dark clouds, there was a silver lining with so much of media coverage about migrant and daily-wage labourers’ painful journey back home due to COVID19-induced lockdown, the Indian citizens showed their golden heart and donations poured in through Individual and Institutional giving. To assist and empower Individual Donors, Corporates and Family Foundations in initiating the change and creating a greater social impact, ShareOn fundraising platform was launched on January 8, 2021. ShareOn aspires to connect the Donors with genuine grass-root level Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working tirelessly for the livelihood and dignity of rural, tribal, marginalised and vulnerable communities for several decades.


Fundraising platform by CSOs for CSOs

Most of the existing fundraising platforms are from for-profit organizations and a need was felt for a platform from the non-profit sector itself which led to the birth of www.ShareOn.in created by a consortium of reputed and credible CSOs like National Skills Foundation of India, Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram&Pravah. Such a platform would better understand the needs, constraints and challenges faced by CSOs and would simultaneously encourage and facilitate accountability and good practices to create greater impact value for the vulnerable sections of the society. The fundraising platform, built under a European Union&Welthungerhilfe supported project, will not charge any commission or fee from the CSOs to host as well as promote the campaigns.

ShareOn for SDGs

ShareOn is also the first fundraising platform linking itself to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and it aspires to assist India in achieving its goals by 2030 by mapping fundraisers to the respective SDG. Since October 2018, the ShareOn Team has been training & mentoring over 80 Civil Society Organizations in storytelling, communications, website optimization, effective use of Social Media Handles, Organizational Development and Institutional Fundraising under the project, ‘Building domestic resource mobilization capacities of CSOs through innovation, enterprise and technology’.


Campaigns on ShareOn

About 40 partner organizations of Welthungerhilfe and their affiliated community-based organisations are working on campaigns and development initiatives related to land, water, forests, right to food, ecopreneurship, and food and nutrition security to be launched on ShareOn. The funds raised through these campaigns will approximately benefit 500000 people, belonging to the vulnerable and marginalized sections of society, particularly small and marginal farmers, women, adivasis, and Dalits, who form the constituency of the CSOs. Here are the glimpses of some of the existing campaigns on ShareOn:

Your little push will make 300 Farmers like Balram happy & self-dependent

Balram Lodha (35) is a struggling, debt-ridden mustard farmer from Malghan village in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. His family, including his 3 children, works day and night on his 3 acres land but all this hard work failed to increase the income of the family. Despite growing a cash crop like mustard, Balram need to sell all his crops urgently, often at a loss, to repay his debts. But now, Jagriti Yuva Manch Samiti (JYMS) has decided to change the story of 300 farmers, including Balram, from Panna district by setting up a mustard oil expeller unit in the area so that instead of a distress selling at a loss, these farmers can produce mustard oil and sell it at a much higher price. JYMS is also giving training and handholding support to these farmers for operating the unit as well as production, sale and marketing of the mustard oil. The total cost of setting up the unit is Rs 72,5000, you can play an important role in making these 300 farmers self-dependent. Donate right away- https://bit.ly/3bx1A7h

Ramkali, Chanda & Suman are transforming rural India? Invest in training of Women Panchayat Leaders

Ramkali (31), Chanda (32) and Suman (35) are not just any names. They are part of a group of 40 elected women panchayat representatives from Madhya Pradesh who are setting golden examples for leaders across the country. These women, being trained and guided by Manav Jeevan Vikas Samiti (MJVS), have achieved amazing feats in ensuring girl & child rights, including stopping female foeticide and child marriage, providing proper healthcare & nutrition to child & mothers and empowering women through awareness and creating income opportunities like organic farming and rural tourism. These are the women who are going to create the country of your dreams, join their journey of transforming rural India. Donate to MJVS’ programme to train women panchayat leaders. Donate here- https://bit.ly/3krlRzr

Lata’s father tried to get her married at 17. She is Physiotherapist now. Will you change future of 85 girls like her?

Lata’s father, a barber by profession, had planned to marry her off at the age of 17 despite she got flying colours in her Class XII exams. She thought her dreams of higher education will remain just a dream but fate had other plans for her. Today Lata has a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and she is on her way to join a multi-speciality hospital in Nizamabad, Telangana. Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal’s (SSM’s) Anand Balgram School is the secret Santa of Lata’s life. Now, it’s your turn to support Anand Balgram and become angel for thousands of girls like Lata. Donate Now.Donate here- https://bit.ly/37F8lCN


How Corporates can benefit

The CSR laws provide an opportunity for funding development initiatives. Big companies have their own foundations, but small and mid-cap companies often do not have internal structures (back-office support) to identify and invest into CSR. They need credible platforms, preferably those verified by third parties, that enable them to identify impactful initiatives for investment based on their organizational mandate and geographical priorities, ShareOnand its comprehensive support structure will address this need.

The overall and specific objective of ShareOn is to enable a network of credible CSOs to perform their role as independent agents of change through increased capacities on domestic fundraising and mobilizing alternative funding, thus reducing their dependency on foreign grants.

ShareOn has different offerings for different sections:

To Individual Donors

  • Donate to credible CSOs
  • Choose a cause you love & become its advocate
  • No commission or fee charged by the platform
  • 80G receipts-50% Tax Benefits
  • Contributing towards SDGs
  • Volunteer for a cause you believe in
  • Stay informed about how you are creating a difference

To Civil Society Organizations

  • 0% commission & 0% set up free
  • Simple & efficient to use
  • Expert technical support & handholding
  • Comprehensive digital marketing support
  • Easy withdrawal of funds
  • Capacity building trainings

To Corporates & Family Foundations

  • Giving solutions covering SDGs
  • Strategic volunteering for staff
  • Collaboration with credible & competent CSOs
  • Effective Program design & delivery for Social Impacts
  • Improved communication & visibility amongst stakeholders



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